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Air NZ Wine Awards - 2012
Pure Bronze Medal Winners
Akarua Brut NV
Akarua Rosé Brut NV
Saint Clair Vicar's Choice Sauvignon Blanc Bubbles 2012
Violet Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc NV
Forrest The Valleys Wairau Gewurztraminer 2010
Haythornthwaite Auslese Gewurztraminer Pamela 2011
Hunter's Marlborough Gewurztraminer 2011
Ngatarawa Stables Gewurztraminer 2012
Pasquale Waitaki Valley Gewurztraminer 2011
Spring Creek Estate Marlborough Gewurztraminer 2011
Spy Valley Gewurztraminer 2012
Villa Maria Private Bin East Coast Gewurztraminer 2011
Pinot Gris
Amisfield Pinot Gris 2011
Ara Select Blocks Pinot Gris 2012
Aurum Pinot Gris 2012
BALD HILLS Central Otago Pigeon Rocks PINOT GRIS 2010
Bilancia Pinot Gris 2011
Bladen Marlborough Pinot Gris 2012
Brancott Estate Flight Pinot Gris 2012
Brancott Estate Letter Series "F" Pinot Gris 2011
Camshorn Pinot Gris 2012
Ceres Full Circle Pinot Gris 2011
Durvillea Marlborough Pinot Gris 2011
Fifth Bridge Pinot Gris 2011
Kahurangi Pinot Gris 2012
Maude Pinot Gris 2012
MIDDLE-EARTH™ Pinot Gris 2011
Nevis Bluff Pinot Gris 2010
Northwood Pinot Gris 2012
Paddy Borthwick Pinot Gris 2011
Palliser Estate Pinot Gris 2011
Peregrine Pinot Gris 2012
Rapaura Springs Pinot Gris 2012
Renato Pinot Gris 2012
Saint Clair Pioneer Block 5 Bull Block Pinot Gris 2011
Seifried Nelson Pinot Gris 2012
Selaks Reserve Marlborough Pinot Gris 2012
Shingle Peak Reserve Pinot Gris 2011
Stoneleigh Latitude Pinot Gris 2011
Sugar Loaf Pinot Gris 2011
T.H.E Terrace Heights Estate Pinot Gris 2012
The Darling Pinot Gris 2012
Torea Wines Marlborough Pinot Gris 2011
Two Tracks Pinot Gris 2011
Waipara Hills Equinox Pinot Gris 2011
Wairau River Pinot Gris 2012
West Brook Marlborough Pinot Gris 2012
Wither Hills Pinot Gris 2012
Esk Valley Marlborough Riesling 2011
Forrest The Doctors Riesling 2012
Foxes Island Riesling 2010
Foxes Island Riesling 2011
Framingham Classic Riesling 2010
Riverby Estate Sali's Block Riesling 2011
Saint Clair Pioneer Block 9 Big John Riesling 2011
Te Kairanga Estate Riesling 2011
Terrace Edge "Liquid Geography" Riesling 2011
Tinpot Hut Riesling 2012
Tohu Raiha Reserve Riesling 2010
Tupari Riesling 2012
Two Rivers Riesling 2012
West Brook Marlborough Riesling 2012
Wild South Riesling 2010
Sauvignon Blanc
Babich Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Black Cottage Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Bladen Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Brancott Estate Letter Series "B" Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Brancott Estate Living Land Series Sauvignon Blanc 2011
Brightwater Vineyards Lord Rutherford Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Burnt Spur Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Cape Campbell Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Carrick Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Clark Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Coopers Creek Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Crossroads Milestone series Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Dashwood Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Domain Road Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Durvillea Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Esk Valley Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Giesen Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Gladstone Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc 2011
Glazebrook Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Goldwater Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Grove Mill Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Hay Maker Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Hole in the Water Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Hunter's Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Jackson Estate Stich Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Kim Crawford Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Kina Beach Vineyard Estuary Block Sauvignon Blanc 2011
Lake Chalice Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Lake Chalice The Nest Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Lawson's Dry Hills Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Lil Rippa Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Little Goat Creek Black Label Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Martinborough Vineyard Te Tera Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Maui Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Maven Wine Sauvignon Blanc 2012
MIDDLE-EARTH™ Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Mount Riley Limited Release Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Pops Sauvignon Blanc 2011
Rapaura Springs Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Riverby Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Rossendale Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Ryan Nelsen Wines Sauvignon Blanc 2011
Sacred Hill Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Sacred Hill Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Sacred Hill Three Passes Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Saint Clair Pioneer Block 20 Cash Block Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Saint Clair Pioneer Block 3 43 Degrees Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Seifried Nelson Winemakers Collection Brightwater Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Shingle Peak Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Sileni Estate Selection 'The Straits' Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Spinyback Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Spy Valley Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Squealing Pig Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Starborough Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Stoneburn Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Stonybank Stonewall Sauvignon Blanc 2012
T.H.E Terrace Heights Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2012
te Pa Sauvignon Blanc 2012
The Darling Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Ti Point Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Toi Toi Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Trout Valley Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Tupari Sauvignon Blanc 2011
Twin Islands Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Two Tracks Sauvignon Blanc 2011
Vavasour Awatere Valley Sauvignon Blanc 2011
Vidal Reserve Series Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Villa Maria Private Bin Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Villa Maria Reserve Wairau Valley Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Villa Maria Single Vineyard Taylors Pass Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Volcanic Hills Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2011
Waipara Hills Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Wairau River Reserve Sauvignon Blanc 2011
Wairau River Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Wild South Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Yealands Estate Single Block Series S1 Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Young Meg Sauvignon Blanc 2012
900 Grapes Chardonnay 2011
Ashwood Estate Gisborne Chardonnay 2010
Charles Wiffen Chardonnay 2011
Coopers Creek SV Hawkes Bay Chardonnay 'The Limeworks' 2011
Coopers Creek Swamp Reserve Hawkes Bay Chardonnay 2010
Dashwood Chardonnay 2011
Goldwater Chardonnay 2011
Hunter's Marlborough Chardonnay 2010
Julicher Chardonnay 2011
Kina Beach Vineyard Reserve Chardonnay 2010
Lake Chalice Marlborough Chardonnay 2011
Lawson's Dry Hills Chardonnay 2011
Matahiwi Holly Chardonnay 2011
Matua Valley Hawkes Bay Dartmoor Single Vineyard Chardonnay 2010
Mission Estate Jewelstone Chardonnay 2010
Mission Estate Reserve Chardonnay 2011
Mud House Single Vineyard Hungry Hill Marlborough Chardonnay 2011
Osawa Wines Prestige Collection Chardonnay 2011
Palliser Estate Chardonnay 2011
Red Deer Chardonnay 2011
Sacred Hill Marlborough Chardonnay 2011
Saint Clair Marlborough Premium Unoaked Chardonnay 2011
Shingle Peak Chardonnay 2011
Shingle Peak Reserve Chardonnay 2011
Southern Eclipse Chardonnay 2011
Spy Valley Chardonnay 2011
Squawking Magpie Gimblett Gravels Chardonnay 2011
Stoneleigh Latitude Chardonnay 2012
Stoneleigh Rapaura Series Chardonnay 2012
Te Mania Reserve Chardonnay 2011
Tohu Marlborough Chardonnay 2012
Villa Maria Cellar Selection Marlborough Chardonnay 2010
Wairau River Chardonnay 2011
Wairau River Reserve Chardonnay 2010
West Brook Waimauku Chardonnay 2010
Whitehaven Marlborough Chardonnay 2011
Wild South Chardonnay 2011
Yelas Marlborough Chardonnay 2010
Babich Family Estates Fernhill Viognier 2011
Millton Riverpoint Viognier 2010
Moana Park Viognier 2012
Saint Clair Marlborough Premium Viognier 2011
Villa Maria Private Bin East Coast Viognier 2010
Other Whites
Elephant Hill Le Phant Blanc 2011
Ngatarawa Stables Sauvignon Blanc/Pinot Gris 2012
Dessert Wine Styles
Abbey Cellars Gabriel Noble Chardonnay 2011
Giesen The Brothers Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc 2011
Jules Taylor Wines Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc 2011
Ostler Blue House Noble Riesling 2011
Riverby Estate Noble Riesling 2011
Riverby Estate Noble Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2011
Seifried Nelson Winemakers Collection 'Sweet Agnes' Riesling 2011
Selaks Reserve Gewurztraminer Riesling 2011
Villa Maria Reserve Marlborough Noble Semillon Botrytis Selection 2011
Akarua Pinot Rosé 2012
Jules Taylor Wines Gisborne Rosé 2012
Saint Clair Marlborough Premium Pinot Gris Rosé 2012
Stoneleigh Marlborough Rosé 2012
Trinity Hill Hawkes Bay Rosé 2012
Two Degrees Rosé 2012
Whitehaven Marlborough Rosé 2012
Pinot Noir
8 Ranges Central Otago Pinot Noir 2010
Allan Scott Pinot Noir 2011
Ara Select Blocks Pinot Noir 2011
Black Grape Society Pinot Noir 2011
Burnt Spur Pinot Noir 2011
Carrick Pinot Noir 2010
Carrick Unravelled Pinot Noir 2010
Catalina Sounds Pinot Noir 2011
Ceres "Composition" Pinot Noir 2008
Coopers Creek SV Central Otago Pinot Noir 'Razorback' 2010
Craggy Range Te Muna Road Vineyard Pinot Noir 2011
Crossroads Milestone Series Pinot Noir 2011
Crowded House Nelson/Marlborough Pinot Noir 2011
Deep Cove Pinot Noir 2010
Delegat Reserve Marlborough Pinot Noir 2010
Fancrest Estate Pinot Noir 2011
First Paddock Pinot Noir 2010
Gibbston Valley China Terrace Pinot Noir 2011
Gibbston Valley Reserve Pinot Noir 2010
Giesen The Brothers Marlborough Pinot Noir 2011
Grasshopper Rock Central Otago Pinot Noir 2011
Greystone Waipara Valley Pinot Noir 2011
Grove Mill Pinot Noir 2010
Growers Mark Pinot Noir 2011
Hawkdun Rise Pinot Noir 2010
Hawkshead Pinot Noir 2010
Jackson Estate Vintage Widow Pinot Noir 2011
Julicher Pinot Noir 2010
Junction Possession Pinot Noir 2011
Kim Crawford Pinot Noir 2011
Lake Chalice Southern Valleys Pinot Noir 2011
Lawson's Dry Hills Pinot Noir 2010
Mondillo Central Otago Pinot Noir 2011
Naked Vine Pinot Noir 2011
Nautilus Pinot Noir 2010
Opawa Pinot Noir 2011
Ostler Caroline's Pinot Noir 2010
Pasquale Waikaki Pinot Noir 2010
Peregrine Pinot Noir 2011
Rapaura Springs Limited Release Pinot Noir 2011
Ribbonwood Pinot Noir 2011
Richmond Plains Pinot Noir 2011
Riverby Estate Pinot Noir 2010
Rockburn Pinot Noir 2010
Saint Clair Omaka Reserve Pinot Noir 2010
Saint Clair Pioneer Block 15 Strip Block Pinot Noir 2010
Saint Clair Pioneer Block 16 Awatere Pinot Noir 2011
Serendipity The Vineyard Pinot Noir 2011
Shingle Peak Reserve Pinot Noir 2011
Soderberg Single Vineyard Home Block Pinot Noir 2011
Spy Valley Pinot Noir 2011
Stoneleigh Latitude Pinot Noir 2011
Stoneleigh Rapaura Series Pinot Noir 2011
T.H.E Terrace Heights Estate Pinot Noir 2011
Te Mania Pinot Noir 2011
Terra Sancta Estate Pinot Noir 2011
Terra Sancta Jackson's Block Pinot Noir 2010
Terrace Edge Pinot Noir 2010
The Ned Pinot Noir 2011
Three Peakes Pinot Noir 2011
Toi Toi Central Otago Reserve Pinot Noir 2010
Torea Wines Marlborough Pinot Noir 2011
Trout Valley Pinot Noir 2011
Two Degrees Pinot Noir 2010
Vavasour Awatere Valley Pinot Noir 2011
Villa Maria Reserve Marlborough Pinot Noir 2009
Villa Maria Reserve Marlborough Pinot Noir 2010
Villa Maria Single Vineyard Seddon Pinot Noir 2011
Villa Maria Single Vineyard Southern Clays Pinot Noir 2011
Waipara Hills Central Otago Pinot Noir 2011
Waipara Springs Premo Pinot Noir 2010
Wairau River Reserve Pinot Noir 2010
Whitehaven Marlborough Pinot Noir 2011
Wingspan Pinot Noir 2011
Wooing Tree Pinot Noir 2011
Cable Bay Vineyards Five Hills 2010
Matua Valley Single Vineyard Hawkes Bay Merlot 2010
Pask Declaration Merlot 2009
Saint Clair Rapaura Reserve Merlot 2010
Saint Clair Vicar's Choice Merlot 2011
Cabernet Sauvignon and Blends
Coopers Creek SV Hawkes Bay Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 'Gimblett Gravels' 2010
Esk Valley Gimblett Gravels Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon Malbec 2011
Esk Valley Winemakers Reserve Gimblett Gravels Merlot Malbec Cabernet Sauvignon 2010
HALO Hawke's Bay Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet Franc 2011
Left Field Merlot 2010
Mills Reef Elspeth Cabernet Merlot 2010
Mills Reef Elspeth Trust Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2010
Newton Forrest Cornerstone 2010
Spy Valley Merlot 2011
Ti Point TWO Merlot Cabernet Franc 2011
Trinity Hill Hawkes Bay "TheTrinity" 2011
Vidal Reserve Series Gimblett Gravels Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon 2010
Boundary Vineyards Lake Road Syrah 2011
Cable Bay Vineyards Reserve Syrah 2010
Coopers Creek Hawkes Bay Syrah 2011
Crossroads Winemakers Collection Syrah 2010
Cypress Terraces Syrah 2010
Esk Valley Hawkes Bay Syrah 2011
Glazebrook Hand Picked Syrah 2010
Lil Rippa Syrah 2010
Mills Reef Elspeth Trust Vineyard Syrah 2010
Obsidian Syrah 2010
Squawking Magpie The Stoned Crow Syrah 2011
Ti Point TWO Hawkes Bay Syrah 2011
Trinity Hill Hawkes Bay Syrah 2011
Vidal Reserve Series Gimblett Gravels Syrah 2009
Other Red Varieties
Waimea Trev's Red 2011
Current Vintage Red Varieties
Coopers Creek Hawkes Bay Merlot 2012
Emerging Wine Styles
Brancott Estate Letter Series "R" Sauvignon Gris 2011
Coopers Creek SV Gisborne Malbec 'The Exile' 2010
Coopers Creek SV Huapai Montepulciano 'Guido in Velvet Pants' 2011
Crossroads Winemakers Collection Cabernet Franc 2010
Forrest The Doctors Grüner Veltliner 2011
Greylands Ridge Blanc de Noir 2012
Kirkpatrick Estate Winery Reserve Malbec 2011
Tinpot Hut Marlborough Grüner Veltliner 2012
Trinity Hill Gimblett Gravels Arneis 2011
Villa Maria Reserve Gimblett Gravels Malbec 2009
Villa Maria Single Vineyard Ihumatao Verdelho 2011
Waimea Dolcetto 2011
Wooing Tree Blondie 2012